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Month: January 2017

Older Adolescents Program

Bridging the Gap Think back to when you were an adolescent. For some, this is perhaps only a few years; for others it is maybe a little longer. How did you feel about being a teenager then? It… Read More

Younger Adolescents Program

Dispelling the Myth of ‘The Problem Child’ When we think about ‘problems’ in the classroom, we often associate the thought with ‘problem children,’ i.e. children who cannot be taught, who are disruptive, even violent, and generally difficult. These… Read More

Youth Activity Program

Safeguarding the Social Development of the Next Generation One of the first things that each child must learn on their pathway to adulthood is that we are not alone. We are connected, we are parts of a whole… Read More

Family Skills Program

Family Focussed, Life skills program for Parents, Grandparents, Carers & Teachers When we are young, the prospect of raising a family is one of those things that we entrust to nature. The event feels so distant – so… Read More

The Enablers Program

Community Leadership & Mentor Development Program There is no magic age at which we graduate from children into adults, no hard and fast cut-off point when our youth ends and the rest of our life begins. Adulthood may… Read More