PO Box 1593. Neutral Bay. NSW. 2089 info@chainreaction.org.au (02) 9953 3287

Our Mission

Chain Reaction’s program strives to build “new rooms” for public life, always strengthening citizen participation and leadership. Working as a catalyst for change together with Partner Organisations drawn from the community, government departments, academe, and business, Chain Reaction offers:

  • A way forward for engaging people in the development of their own communities, see Mt Druitt Learning Ground (MDLG), a local project that can be replicated in other places.
  • Leadership development at local, state and national levels.
  • Building alliances across Partnership Organisations always striving to strengthen local institutions, organisations and communities in the understanding and practise of Social Cohesion.

Chain Reaction is a civil society organisation, a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee governed by a Board of Directors. It has a small operating staff working closely with its Partner Organisations and its Honorary Specialist Consultants. Chain Reaction seeks its funding from grant-making Trusts and Foundations, fee-for-service, corporate, and individual contributions, and government grants.