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The Enablers Program

Community Leadership & Mentor Development Program

There is no magic age at which we graduate from children into adults, no hard and fast cut-off point when our youth ends and the rest of our life begins. Adulthood may be legally defined as eighteen and over in Australia, but this is more out of necessity than anything biologically reliable.

At Chain Reaction we provide support for the youth of Australia, but we also understand that support should go far beyond this. It would be unfair for us to provide our services throughout pre-adolescence and the teenage years, right up to adulthood, simply to then withdraw it. This is why we provide our Enablers Program.

The Enablers Program, delivered by Chain Reaction in Mount Druitt, is for over 18’s. Whether you are a parent, a community worker, a teacher, a public servant, currently out of work, a mature student, or come from any other walk of life – whether you are aged 18 and one month or are north of 65 – you are welcome at Enablers. This is where we extend our support into adulthood.

What The Enablers Program Provides
  • The program is designed to assist its members in some of the following areas;
  • Facilitating better communication with those around you, including family, friends, workmates and anyone else you interact with regularly
  • Helping those around you to recognise the contribution you make, again including family, friends and people in the local community
  • Allowing positive feelings about yourself and others around you to enter your life more frequently
  • Building understanding about what you want out of the next few years and the direction you want to move in
  • Developing key listening and interpretive skills to help you take your career and general life to the next level
  • The above are just a few examples of the wide ranging benefits provided by The Enablers Program.

If any of these struck a chord with you, or if you recognised any of these issues in your own life at the moment, the program could be for you.

In fact, we have designed our program to assist anyone in this wide age group who might be experiencing a need for change. This might include personal upheaval, recovery from illness, relocation to a new neighbourhood, or any number of other occurrences.

Whatever it is that has shaken the stability of your life, we are here to help. Chain Reaction’s centre Mount Druitt Learning Ground, can help you grow, develop, learn and – in the words of one of our alumnae – help you “get back your mojo”.

The Tenets of Growth at The Enablers Program

The Enablers Program targets growth in five main areas. These are as follows;

PHYSICAL – Not physical growth in the traditional sense, but a realignment of how we present ourselves, how we see ourselves, and how we interact with the people we encounter.
Intellectual. The time to stop educating ourselves never comes; this time simply does not exist. Instead, we should aim to be constantly learning, and building the tools we need to succeed in life.

INTELLECTUAL – The time to stop educating ourselves never comes to an end. Instead, we are constantly learning, and constantly building the tools we need to succeed in life are important.

EMOTIONAL – Emotions or feelings play a large role in our lives. Understanding emotions and learning how to deal with feelings is key to our emotional growth.

SOCIAL –  We are all entities in a wider social environment. As individual we are unique, but exist in a society, as such interaction and communication skills are vital.

SPIRITUAL –  Being open to something bigger than ourselves outside ourselves, is an important part of life, and gives us that extra ‘wow’ factor experience of awe and amazement.

With Your Help, We Can Continue to Develop our Important Work.

The Enablers Program is delivered free of charge, with a light lunch provided each day. It is of paramount importance that we do not exclude anyone from being able to attend the program, and that everyone who can benefit from it has access to it.

It costs us $30,000 each year to run each five week course, which helps to enable participants to become community leaders, mentors and positive contributors to our society. This is why we need your help. Any donation is welcome, as it helps us to keep providing this invaluable service into 2017/2018 and beyond, and assists us as we hone and develop our techniques.

To discover more about The Enablers Program and about the lives of the people it touches, please visit our website at ChainReaction.org.au.

Alternatively, come to visit us and witness our work first hand. The Enablers Program runs across four terms each year, commencing each February to March, May to June, August to September and October to November.

To book for yourself or to enquire about the program, please phone (02) 9953 3287 or email info@chainreaction.org.au.

Together, let’s keep on giving something back.

Margaret Bell, AM – Founder and CEO Chain Reaction Foundation.


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Enablers Program

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It costs us $30,000 each year to run each five week course, which helps to enable participants to become community leaders, mentors and positive contributors to our society. Any donation is welcome, as it helps us to keep providing this invaluable service into 2018/2019 and beyond.


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